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12 лет рабства

Margo Unique Girl (MUG)

Дата выпуска: март 2012г.

Цена: ¥16,590 yen e b a y

Тип выпуска: лимитированный, 1000 кукол.

Молд: RBL

Тип тела:

Тон кожи: Half transparent fair (natural skin)

Волосы: светлый пепельно-каштановый.

Чипы: светло-зеленые (прямо /special ), желтые (вправо/special), розовые (прямо ), светло-серо-голубые (влево /special ).

Макияж: светло-коричневые тени, розовый цвет румян и губы цвета розовый лосось =)

Особенности: красный лак на ногтях.

Колечко: стандартной формы, но красного цвета.

Аутфит: платье, носки, ботинки, бантик. очки (2 пары), нижнее белье (розовенькое, ня!) .

В комплекте подставка.

Название релиза (японск.) - マーゴユニークガール

Официальное описание:

Margo is your unique friend. When you have problem, you can consult with her and she will always give you great advises.

She is cool and stylish. Her fashion matches well with her glasses.

Margo’s one-piece looks simple but actually it’s full of complicate designs!

Her top is made of neon black fabric decorated with gold beads. The halter-neck ribbon is black velvet and there is also a velvet red ribbon on the waist.

Her skirt has a circus tent image full with humor and fun.

Her over-skirt has black and beige stripes base with Margo’s initial “M” emblem (the initial frame is gold with red ribbon and small gold heart) printed. The skirt also has black lace on the rim.

Her under-skirt is pannier like tulle. The fabric has small polka dot pattern and you can see it below her over-skirt.

Margo’s most important fashion items are her glasses!

She always wears vivid pink round glasses and black sunglasses. Her shoes and socks also have special designs too! She is wearing black tights with red x blue polka dot socks. Her shoes are 4 straps black shoes with red heels!

For her hair, she has bangs but her hair is curly long hair which make she looks nice when she wears her glasses. Her hair color is light ash brown decorated with a big blue satin ribbon.

Margo’s skin is our newest style! Her skin is half transparent fair (natural color) skin which looks different from our previous half transparent skin dolls.

Her make-up is light brown eye shadow, newly designed lip shape in pink salmon and pink cheek.

Her eye colors are one default pink and three special colors; light blue grey, light green and yellow.

She also comes with gold and red stand. She also has a clear red pulling with gold glitters.


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